Podcast 99: Big Trouble In Little Vagina

November 07, 2011

The title will make sense once you listen to the show, I promise. The picture used for this week’s show will too (I realize it’s from a different film….just take it easy).

The laziest man in the world is discovered, and hopefully you can sit through the opening segment. Listener Cassie sent in our intros this week! Fen had no internet all week due to incompetence on the part of AT&T, which led to a week’s worth of advantures at Fartbucks….I mean Starbucks. We talk some Podcast Awards, Stopies, and are vaginas really 3 inches deep? What happened to Turdhat after he left the mic last episode? Did he pass out in the shower with the water running? We talked a little about the “nerdiest” things we do, childhood vandalism (which is bad), The 5th Of November, Occupy Wall Street(?), and Zetswei sent in a movie trailer for Nathan Vent. We talked about a million other things as well.
Also be sure to join us for 4 stops in our continuing adventure, Tales From The Edge Of Cyberspace…the last stop is proof positive we have one of the laziest people in the world on our show.

Giggidee and Draechen teamed up to write and record this week’s outro song, well done boys.

Show 100 is NEXT, and you should be there live…You really should be there.

Intro: Reddwarf

Outro: Giggidee (written by Dr. Draechen!)

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