Podcast Number 1: Throw The First 10 Out

December 08, 2009

This week Fen is joined by Bacon and Esta, and they chat about specific 3.3 notes that they find interesting, among other things.

First we introduce everyone, and talk about our WoW background, our guild’s background, and what we’re looking for the show to be.  (We learn Bacon has a cell phone that sounds like an alien whistling, and Bacon is also a pro PS3 mechanic.)

We jump into the 3.3 notes of interest, here’s a few highlights of what we talk about:


Taunt diminishing returns changing

Sapphiron/KT easily accessible

“Looking For Raid”

Weekly Raid Quests


Minimum gear requirement for pick-up groups?

Vote Kick feature

Can your group leader decide you’re done?

Deserter debuff for dungeons

Dungeon Finder rewards

Perky The Pug Pet…throw yourself to the wolves

Any party member may mark targets (yikes…)



Battleground daily quests will reward 25 arena points…will this change PVP?

All player pets now get 100% of their master’s resilience

Unit nameplates visual range

Unit nameplates line-of-sight limitations in battlegrounds

New extra stats on Arena Set Bonuses


Quest Tracking Feature (Hooray for broken UIs on patch day!)

Random Crash fix?

Reputation grinds sped up!

Top level shoulder and head enchants (from rep) are bind on account

Hodir rep gains increased

New fishing derby


Is getting gear too easy, and does Blizzard make their own content irrelevant?


25 man raids versus 10 man raids.  Which do you like better, what differences make them easier or harder, should they drop equal level gear?

Music from this show:

Gars Trans:  Picanté, Demo 2008

DJ Kryptide:  All_I_Need(Onza Remix)

Usta:  Pierwszy pocałunek, Bańka mydlana

trustno1:  Spacerun, Spacerun Part 1

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